The Brandon Group, Inc.


Internships at The Brandon Group, Inc. (TBG) provide students with an excellent opportunity to learn, as well as apply valuable communication and interpersonal professional skills.  Interns have the opportunity to learn from the supportive staff in the areas of Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Publishing, Desktop Publishing, and Electronic Publishing.  Just a few of the philosophies that TBG Interns are exposed to include: open communication between employees, Interns, and clients; a friendly and professional environment where new ideas are welcomed and encouraged; and a managerial structure in which employees and Interns alike are viewed as instrumental members of our professional staff.


TBG staff members and personal mentors are available to provide learning support and personal guidance.  Mentors acclimate Interns to the workplace, provide knowledge and support, and foster independence in order to give Interns the opportunity to take on the role of a professional.


Interns have numerous learning opportunities available to them for exploration throughout the course of their Internship.

  • Interns can take advantage of learning from previously written and laid out documents in order to increase their understanding and knowledge of layout and design, as well as writing for a specific target audience.
  • Multiple Desktop Publishing software programs and reference materials are available to give Interns the opportunity to introduce themselves to and become comfortable with frequently used software.
  • Interns also undertake various project management tasks in which they function as active members in meetings with clients. These meetings can take place at the TBG offices, clients’ offices, or via conference telephone calls.

Actual Intern Testimonials (click on the name to show/hide):

  • Jaimie

  • Heather

Jaimie McMichael

Slippery Rock University

"At The Brandon Group (TBG), Inc. I was given the support I needed in order to grow as a Technical Writer.  One of the greatest factors in developing my technical writing skills was the work I did alongside one of the Technical Writers.  Together, we performed the necessary research in order to write a technical document, decided upon the appropriate organization of the chapters in the manual, wrote to make every word count, and proofread and revised until only the most thorough and accurate document was produced.  Eventually, the skills I acquired from working with an experienced professional allowed me to write a document on my own.

The relationships I established with the staff allowed me to work both on an independent and collaborative basis.


One of the most valuable lessons that I learned while at TBG is that Technical Writing is a collaborative effort.  A good technical document can not be produced without the help and expertise of others.  When you are writing a document relating to a field with which you do not have the expertise, it is essential that an effective and open relationship is established with clients.  A Technical Writer must be able to know which questions to ask at the appropriate time.  This can not be done without researching the subject, which will in turn gain the trust and respect of the client.


From the perspective of an Intern majoring in Technical Writing, the greatest benefit I received while working at TBG was the fact that I was working at a company where I could witness the entire technical writing process.  I was there when relationships and correspondence with clients were established, research was being performed, when the manuals were written, proofread, and revised.  The entire experience allowed me to see a job through from start to finish.


As a TBG Intern, I have learned that every experience impacts your next decision regarding your professional and personal direction.  Never underestimate any experience, you simply never know how much you’ve learned until it is over and you find yourself wiser and stronger than before.  My Internship is something that I will remember always."

Heather Ellwood

Saint Vincent College

"As soon as I walked through the door, The Brandon Group, Inc. (TBG) staff made me feel like a valuable asset to the company.  I was given an editing project that had a short deadline, and my corrections were used in the final document.  This was not just a typical Internship position filled with busy-work; it gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge along with what they were teaching me.


Technical Writing is more complex than I expected.  From keeping the proofreaders marks straight to the control switches on the circuit breakers, I realized how important clarity is in this profession.


The professionals who work here took the time to teach me anything I was interested in.  I was able to explore every aspect of the technical field that attracted my interest from designing my own web page, magazine layout, articles, brochures, corporate style guide, resume, proposal, professional letters, layout design in computer programs, scanning and transferring files, to technical writing skills.  When I was unsure of what to do next, staff members were helpful in clarifying thoughts and ideas, and never hesitated to offer advice and suggestions for improvement.


Being a part of The Brandon Group team has shown me what it is like to be a part of a growing company that is willing to teach as well as learn.  The TBG staff gave me the opportunity to gain experience in writing, insight into a company work atmosphere, and gain professional and personal references that will aid in my future career pursuits.  You can't help but feel the sense of teamwork and harmony that exists within this comfortable work atmosphere."