The Brandon Group, Inc.

Helpful Downloads

Each of the downloads available below are in PDF format and can be viewed after download using Adobe Acrobat® Reader. They can be printed using most industry standard print drivers.


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  • Project Tracking Form
  • (15 KB) Used to record important information essential to the proper completion of the project and to track the project's progression. This includes: client contact information; TBG personnel assigned to the project and the function of each team member; electronic and hard copy information provided by the client; client preferences for draft and final documents forms; vendors to be used for printing, CD production, etc.
  • Draft / Final Approval Sign Off Form - General
  • (12 KB) Used to approve or indicate required changes to materials submitted by The Brandon Group, Inc.
  • Draft / Final Approval Sign Off Form - Assigning Responsibility for Changes
  • (12 KB) Used to approve materials submitted by The Brandon Group, Inc., and / or indicated who will provide necessary modifications and / or information.